C-Quip’s carbon fibre swim (sea) stairs are an innovative and functional solution for guests onboard your yacht.

The lightweight hydraulic stairs can be housed inside the swim platform.

Utilising a carbon fibre structure means the weight of the extension is kept to a minimum. Carbon fibre also provides resilient durability against corrosion.

Key benefits:

  • Elegance and ease of use; guests can simply descend gently into the water
  • Safer for children and the elderly
  • Non corrosive properties of carbon fibre make it the ideal solution for a partially submerged piece of equipment
  • Self deploying handrails
  • Lightweight carbon fibre framework
  • Attractive teak tread design
  • Custom designed to your specifications
  • Remote control PLC (programmable logic controller) operation
Bathing Stairs

Swim Stairs Video.

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