C-Quip's carbon fibre swim ladders are where form and function proudly shake hands! It is where elegant curves and ergonomic oval sections deliver smart engineering.

There are options in the step design of the C-Quip lightweight carbon fibre swim ladders. We offer the traditional style of swim ladder and the newly introduced open sided ladder designed for swimmers and divers wearing flippers. Both styles can fold into a compact unit and be hung on a wall bracket in a convenient storage zone.

Available with teak tread or painted non-skid surface. Whether you desire the super-sleek look of clear coated carbon fibre or painted to the colour of your choice, we can manufacture to your requirement.

Technical features:

  • Improved lightweight design, starting from 14 kilograms
  • Designed for style and comfort of use
  • Buoyant design; it won’t sink if accidentally dropped into the sea
  • Able to be carried by one crew member
  • Easily portable; avoids damage to yacht paintwork
  • Lockable deck inserts to secure your ladder
  • Offset deck stanchion option to suit any existing deck sockets
  • Compact; handles fold in with ease for storage. Detachable lower steps
  • Available with protective carry bag or mountable storage hooks
Original Carbon Swim

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