C-Quip’s Overhead Cranes can be manufactured in carbon fibre, stainless steel or aluminium. Most often a combination of materials is used to make the lightest and strongest products available.

Utilising single or double booms, the cranes can extend out from the stern lazarette or be transversely mounted within a tender garage or beach club. Where the tender garage has port and starboard access, the beam cranes can be designed to operate on either side.

Fully integrated, sophisticated control systems make operation easier and safer for crew. The combination of synchronisation between beams and programmable tender pickup positions ensure faster and smoother operation with less potential for damage to tenders and equipment.

Technical features:

  • Dual purpose cargo and rescue (MOB) options
  • Weight capacity 100kg to 10 tonnes
  • Single or double boom options
  • Telescoping capability if required
  • Fully integrated, sophisticated control systems
  • Carbon fibre, aluminium and stainless steel construction
  • Custom built to any length
manual stairs

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