The passerelle is the first and last piece of the yacht that any visitor uses. It therefore has the unique ability to create a positive and lasting impression. To do this it must integrate perfectly with the yacht in both aesthetics and quality craftsmanship.

Our XL Series passerelles are our largest passerelles with an extension up to twelve metres. The superior weight savings from the use of carbon fibre has become a key consideration in yacht design. For us the weight saving means that the passerelle can span longer distances and maintain its stiffness – a solid first step with no bounce. Carbon fibre also provides resilient durability against corrosion. Our XL Series passerelles are available in the material of your choice and are most often a combination of carbon fibre and aluminium or stainless steel.

Our telescopic passerelles are powered by an electro hydraulic system with a programmable logic controller. It can rest on the dock, with a "float mode" setting allowing it to rise and fall with the tide, or it can be set in a fixed position above the dock.


XL Series Passerelle:

  • Lightweight carbon fibre booms
  • Attractive teak design
  • Strip lighting on both sides of the walkway
  • Removable handrails in carbon fibre or stainless steel with optional teak capping – select from four designs
  • Wheel support and/or ‘float system’ to follow tide rise and fall
  • Hydraulic equipped using highest quality European components
  • Slew/rotation up to 180 degrees
  • Carbon fibre finish or yacht colour scheme
  • Remote control operation

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Other passerelles by C-Quip include; 3000 Series, 5000 Series.

XL Series

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