C-Quip’s telescoping two and three stage lightmasts for motor yachts over 50 metres.

The light masts are hydraulically operated and can extend up to 10 metres. Concealed below deck, the masts are completely retracted when not in use.

Constructed from carbon fibre and stainless steel the lightmast can withstand winds of 80 knots without requiring any stays for support.


  • The light mast is telescopic and hydraulically operated
  • When not in use the light mast is concealed below deck
  • Deploys and retracts from within its own water tight housing
  • Designed for strength, no stays required
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • The mast has been designed to withstand hurricane conditions (Beaufort 12)
  • The mast is operated from a fixed panel on the bridge or a hand-held pendant
  • Carbon fibre and stainless steel construction
  • Housing length and extension height to your specifications
  • Integrated foredeck floodlight option available
  • Double acting hydraulic cylinder, for controlled retraction
2 Stage Lightmast

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