Multifunctional boarding Stairs

When at anchor these portable carbon fibre boarding stairs are easliy clipped to the side of the hull. The top platform is either fixed or slewed and the stair case sits with the lower platform out of the water ready for use. The cable supports attached to the hull ensure the unit provides a stable set of steps for passengers disembarking from the tender onto the platform to board the yacht. The carbon fibre unit is detailed in teak and is designed to your specifications.

Side boarding when at anchor for tender the platform is out of the water

Used as a swim ladder we could have an alternate longer strop and remove the bottom platform to submerge thelower steps (would need to check number of steps and step angle)

Alternatively we may be able to mount a removable swim ladder to the bottom platform

Used as a boarding ladder to the dock we could add the wheels to the bottom step and remove the bottom platform


Lower the platform vertically into the t-slot brackets then rotate out

Using a manual davit the stairs can be lowered into place, or the davit can be used to support the platform when installed and adjust the height of the plarform