Carbon Fibre Passerelle

The specification from Derecktors fitted directly into our XL range of passerelles. 180 degree slewing capability using our advanced rotary slewing technology with direct slew ring brake lock for ultimate control and anti swing even in the most demanding situations. C-Quip's dual cylinder luffing technology allows for complete stiffness when above the dock or with the flick of a switch the unit can easily sit on the dock in 'float' mode acting with the differential movement between yacht and dock.

The use of carbon fibre booms allows us to meet the cross sectional dimension requirements for convenient stowing, while retaining vertical stiffness which is the upmost important aspect of the passerelle. The carbon booms give you the best strength to weight ratio allowing longer stronger passerelles. Normally the longer you design a passerelle, the deeper the section needs to be to carry it's own weight. By using carbon fibre in the booms the booms are lighter and therefore for the same size section our carbon passerelles are 30% stiffer than a steel comparison.

The passerelle can ramp up to speed and ramp down as it comes into it's pre-set positions. The touch screen controls and auto fault analysis make it effortless for crew to see the movement of the unit.