C-Quip SlimLine Tender Fender


The SlimLine Tender Fender has been developed with storage and handling in mind. Smaller and more compact than our standard model the new fender maintains the capability to protect your yacht and tender from damage while tied up alongside.

The SlimLine Tender Fender features a lightweight and slender Carbon Fibre body with a 3000kg SWL for tender berthing and mooring tenders up to 5000kg with care.

The highly polished stainless steel deck fittings compliment the clear coat carbon fibre body which is 170mm wide.

 The fenders utilize an inflatable hypalon cushioning tubes that protect the tenders. We also include a durable yet elegant neoprene cover that wraps the fender tube which can be customized with the vessel's name printed onto the units.

The tender fender height above and below deck ensures that the tender is protected from being washed on top of or underneath swim platforms due to passing ships wake or large swells. Deployment handles at the top also provide a handle for guests when embarking and disembarking the tender.

C-Quip's threaded deck fitting securely mounts the unit to the deck.

Light in weight for ease of handling and the units can be locked onto C-Quip's Tender Fender storage bracket.

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