C-Quip Develop a Carbon Fibre Pilot Ladder

The carbon fibre pilot ladder was developed in response to a gap in the market for a light but robust pilot ladder. It is designed and built in accordance with the requirements of SOLAS and ISO 799, with each step weighing just 1.2kg.

The pilot ladder is made up of 600mm wide clear carbon fibre treads with non-slip finish. Spreader bars can be attached to the standard treads with quick release pins to make a total width 1800mm for stability. The spreader bars can then be detached for compact storage. The steps are clamped to side ropes by lightweight and durable glass filled nylon rope clamps. The side rope is UV resistant, low stretch braided polyester.

Each step rests on the hull with integrated urethane bump pads to prevent any damage to the hull paintwork or carbon fibre tread.

The length of the pilot ladder is manufactured to your requirements, up to thirty steps in length. The weight of this 7 metre 22 step pilot ladder is only 39.5 kg.