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Construction Material

Our hydraulic stairs are made from a combination of carbon fibre, stainless steel and aluminium.

Your Dimensions

Our hydraulic swim stairs have two modes of operation: Stowed or Fully Deployed. When in use the swim stairs are fully deployed at 20 degrees from vertical giving a 285mm distance between steps.

The height measurement assumes the stairs are deployed fully at 20 degrees from vertical
How many steps do you require?

Housing Dimensions (in transom door):

The swim stairs are normally housed inside the swim platform transom door.

What is your available space for housing the stairs when stowed away?

Length mm
Minimum housing length required for:
5-Steps Length= 2022mm
6-Steps Length= 2328mm
7-Steps Length= 2634mm
8-Steps Length= 2940mm
9-Steps Length= 3246mm

If customised mm
Height mm (min 250mm)

Hydraulic and Electrical Operation

Hydraulic Power Unit:

Remote HPU
Use Vessel HPU

Operation: (Please check all that apply)

Wireless remote control
Wired hand held pendant
Control panel
Touch Screen

Power supply

  AC / Voltage = volts
DC / Voltage = volts


How would you like your swim stairs to look?

Superyacht Paint
(please specify colour)
Clear Coated Carbon Fibre

Optional Extras


Stainless Steel Handrails

Additional Information

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